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The Teenage Ball Busting Schoolgirl

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Sammie was a sexy blonde sleeping college schoolgirl who was fondled by her principal in the middle of the night. She woke up and began whacking her principal in the balls with her teddy bear and her sexy legs after he stuck his cock in and out of her wet drooling tasty mouth!She was wearing nothing but a denim mini skirt and tiny blue thong panties and a sexy pink shirt. With all of her strength, she kicked and kneed and punched and slapped her principals balls to disable and punish him! She threatened to tell the school board about his perversion and he pleaded that he would do anything to keep their experience completely secret.Therefore he allowed her to abuse his cock and balls with brutal kicking and ball slapping plus stomping and butt grinding! She used her juicy bubble butt to grind and squash and ballbust and then crush the dirty old mans testicles!
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